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Degradable Single-Use Polypropylene Cutlery


Q & A

Why should I use POLAR Ecopro Cutlery?
POLAR Ecopro is an economical alternative to conventional single-use cutlery. Unlike the more expensive compostable products, requiring commercial processing not readily available or non-existent in most municipalities, POLAR Ecopro is designed for existing waste disposal methods.

What is oxo-biodegradation?
Oxo-biodegradation is a two-stage process in which a plastic is first converted by reaction with oxygen to molecular fragments that are water-wettable. Secondly, these smaller oxidized molecules are biodegraded and converted into carbon dioxide, water and biomass by microorganisms.

What triggers the degradation process?
The breakdown of POLAR Ecopro (with the TDPATM - Total Degradable Plastic Additives) is triggered by heat, UV light and/or mechanical stress or a combination thereof.

Does POLAR Ecopro have a shelf life?
POLAR Ecopro has been produced with small percentage of TDPATM to ensure 2 years of useful life from the date of manufacture. All cartons explain the time sensitive nature of the product and include a clearly marked production date.

Is POLAR Ecopro safe for food service applications?
Yes. POLAR Ecopro cutlery has undergone extensive laboratory testing in order to attain approval by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

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